Sony NP-FZ100 Battery Charger


Simultaneously charge two Sony NP-FZ100 batteries from USB or AC power sources with the Watson Mini Duo Charger. Thanks to its two independent bays, the Mini Duo Charger allows you to charge one battery or two spares at the same time. The onboard LCD screen clearly shows the charging status of each battery. A micro-USB cable and a USB power adapter are included for versatile charging options.

Independent and Simultaneous Charging

The Watson MD-4237 Mini Duo Charger accepts two Sony NP-FZ100 type batteries (available separately) for independent or simultaneous charging. So, power up both batteries for your next shoot, or charge your backups while you're out in the field.

LCD Charging Status

An LCD displays the independent charging status for each battery, allowing you to easily determine the progress of your batteries. This way, you can quickly select the fully charged battery for work and leave the other for continued charging.

Micro-USB Power

The charger includes a USB power adapter and micro-USB cable for portable and convenient charging. Use the micro-USB cable with a portable battery pack, or plug the USB power adapter into the office, hotel, or airport outlets.

Circuit Protections

With built-in overcharge, short-circuit, and power surge protections, the Mini Duo Charger ensures the safety of your batteries.

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