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Rent cameras, lenses, lights, a professional studio, and much more!

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

We provide a wide range of photography and videography gear for rent across the UAE. Our equipment list includes but is not limited to: professional cameras, lenses, continuous video lights, photography flash lights, soft boxes, video monitors, and teleprompters.

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Studio Rental

Studio Rental

We provide a professional studio for rent with the lowest prices in the UAE. Our studio is equipped with all the necessary facilities a photographer/videographer needs. The studio is suitable for all types of shoots: fashion, products, podcasts, interviews, promos, etc.

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Terms & Conditions:

1) The client's original valid passport shall be deposited at Awalem Media as a guarantee for return (an Emirates ID is only acceptable for UAE nationals).

2) The payment shall be made in advance to reserve the equipment.

3) All equipment and their parts shall be returned without any damage to avoid additional charges.

4) In case the client lost or caused any damage to the equipment and its parts, the passport/national ID will not be returned. The client must pay the repair cost to receive his/her passport/national ID.